As a teenager, I should make this metamorphosis to adulthood a fun and exciting one. I read a line from a book which thought was to live my teenage years with love and relationships. Just like any other teenagers out there in the world.

Scrolling down my thumb at my Facebook timeline, all I see are videos about relationship goals, tips about handling your trusts with your partner, how to settle disputes between you and your side-chick, posts about how “forever” is real or not and et cetera.  These posts lingering around my timeline makes me question how these things are finding its way to the top.

I know I should be worrying about getting into a relationship and other shenanigans because I’m living my teenage years! But for me, I just want my fellow teenagers to know that there are other problems in the world other than their boyfriends/girlfriends. Just a thought of anybody experiencing problems outside the limits of those love posts i.e. the war silently crawling upon the injustices of the government, hunger strikes in some countries, insufficient amount of water, global warming, proliferation of nuclear weapons, international terrorism, poverty and the spread of infectious diseases.

I just wish teenagers who mastered the art of love and its complexities would be more interested and stoked with what’s really happening in the world and how they can contribute it into making it a better place for the present and future generations. And as for me, I’m trying to figure out what will be my first move for the world.

Aneta Ivanova

“FOREVER” an unpopular opinion by yours truly.

The term “Forever” has become a trending expression in my country. There are possibly two parties about this term, the ones who believe in it and the ones who don’t. Mainly, the feasible candidates for the people who believe in such are some couples engaged in a relationship, they are one of those type of people who would like to prove that IT exists. The other types considered are the opposite, people who dealt with a break-up, bitter people, single people, arrogant people and people who could care less.

As for me, I don’t want to be involved in this dispute. If you believe it exists, okay. If you believe it doesn’t, okay. I respect your decision, nothing will be taken from me if you consider “forever” truthful or not. But some choose otherwise. Some defend their side so frankly that it becomes out of hand.

I want to share my thought about this. For the collective of humans who dealt with a break-up and now are bitter about life because they’re hurt and in pain, I want to tell you that you are lucky. You are so lucky! And you might think that I’m becoming a loco for saying such. But hear this, there are about 7.125 billion people on Earth, and you found someone to be in love with. I know it hurts, I know you heard this over and over and over again. But at least you experienced being loved. Some people who are destined for each other never meet. Some people are like parallel lines, even though they have the same interests and hobbies and likes and dislikes, they could never ever meet. For you, you were an intersecting line, you’ve been in love, even for a short while, but at least you’ve experienced it. If you still consider yourself unlucky, tell that to the people who are parallel lines. Plus, you should smile, and don’t let that awful break-up experience limit you to experience love again. Eventually you will find someone your love is worth giving to.

For the couples now dealing with relationships, it’s okay if you’re trying to prove “forever” exists. It’s okay. But to be honest, you don’t necessarily need to prove that it is realistic or it exists. Love doesn’t have to last forever Honey, it just has to be real and authentic. Love yourself, and keep that person who makes you love yourself better when you’re with him/her.

Spread love, respect decisions made by other people and try to understand them. I’m sorry if some of you were hurt or affected by this post, I just had to say it.

Art by Eveline Tarunadjaja