Do more of what makes you put your phone down

A friend of mine had this wonderful constructed thought on her Twitter’s bio which is “do more of what makes you put your phone down”. To be honest, I was really intensified when I read the sentence. Technology has found its way to conquer humanity. Right now, it’s a very rare occasion to see someone not bringing his phone wherever he goes, the toilet also counts as a location. People tend to bring their gadgets to solve cases of extreme boredom, in cases of emergencies, to call or to text people that he had reached the meet-up place and sometimes, to boast their very expensive gadget. I am also one of the few.

There are absolutely thousands of hobbies to try, but then why are we always stuck holding our phone on our hand? Why are we stuck watching hilarious videos when we can do something that is fun that don’t necessarily need a camera to tell people that we are having fun? Why are we watching these mainstream movies on our phone or laptop or ipad when we can go to a cinema with someone we love or buy a ticket to watch people really acting in front of us in a theatre? Why are we reading downloaded books on ibooks when we can borrow a book from a friend? Why are we reading this poems with initials that we don’t even know when we can go to a poet’s night? Why are we typing “HBD” and long messages on our friend’s wall when we can personally greet them our best wishes for him? Why are we saying “Condolence” to the beloved dead of our pal when we know that it won’t make him feel better because the outmost comfort we can give is a physical contact, a hug, tears both of us will stream?

I absolutely don’t know if technology is bringing the world together or tearing it apart. And right now, I’m too afraid to ask. I really need to do something that would really make my phone go down. I’m going to grab a book like the old times and read.