As a teenager, I should make this metamorphosis to adulthood a fun and exciting one. I read a line from a book which thought was to live my teenage years with love and relationships. Just like any other teenagers out there in the world.

Scrolling down my thumb at my Facebook timeline, all I see are videos about relationship goals, tips about handling your trusts with your partner, how to settle disputes between you and your side-chick, posts about how “forever” is real or not and et cetera.  These posts lingering around my timeline makes me question how these things are finding its way to the top.

I know I should be worrying about getting into a relationship and other shenanigans because I’m living my teenage years! But for me, I just want my fellow teenagers to know that there are other problems in the world other than their boyfriends/girlfriends. Just a thought of anybody experiencing problems outside the limits of those love posts i.e. the war silently crawling upon the injustices of the government, hunger strikes in some countries, insufficient amount of water, global warming, proliferation of nuclear weapons, international terrorism, poverty and the spread of infectious diseases.

I just wish teenagers who mastered the art of love and its complexities would be more interested and stoked with what’s really happening in the world and how they can contribute it into making it a better place for the present and future generations. And as for me, I’m trying to figure out what will be my first move for the world.

Aneta Ivanova